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Corporate responsibility since 1871.
Through sustainability and commitment.

More than 140 years of history implies that sustainability is a subject that genuinely means a lot to us. Thinking across generations is firmly implanted in our values and corporate culture: Act today, think about tomorrow.

Ecological responsibility

KÖRBER regards the protection of the environment as a major objective – not in isolation, but as an integral part of the long-term company strategy. The quest for the highest possible quality implies economical use of resources. This applies not only to our production processes but also to our products. Our environmental policy aims to align the concepts of environmental protection and economic effectiveness.

And we are following that objective right here: This website is being provided to you at this moment by CO2-neutral servers.

Social responsibility

Our commercial actions are based on the social principles we stand for towards our employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners. It is important for us to deploy the capital available to us in such a way as to be able to provide our employees with positions that are both interesting and secure. In particular, we are keen to provide apprenticeships for young people in order to give them a good start into their working lives. Security, health protection, training, safety as well as fostering diversity within our company are important areas in promoting our sustainability.

Furthermore, we see ourselves as being an integral part of society, which is reflected in our involvement in the localities where we are commercially active. We would like to contribute something to society in return by supporting social institutions and projects that help those that cannot help themselves. One of our most favoured projects is the Ronald McDonald House in Bad Oeynhausen. Only a short distance from us, this institution offers a temporary home to families with children who are seriously ill – so that the families can stay together and support the young patients during their treatment.

Economic responsibility

It is a principle of ours to finance our growth with our own capital. This assures our financial independence and creates the basis for sustainable positive development. It is our objective to create value and raise the company value.

This principle will give out partners and employees security and continuity, which means trust – which is why the KÖRBER brand has been successful in the marketplace for over 100 years.


We must at all times act in accordance with our guiding principles, legal provisions and social norms. This applies to all countries in which we operate. Compliance with external and internal rules and regulations is obligatory for all those working either in or for the KÖRBER Group.