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A burning passion for all things round.

Once installed, the products we make are no longer visible. Their function, however, is crucial. Our products guarantee safety – in power stations, shipbuilding or plant construction.

We create value

Our products are found around the world wherever people work with fluids, gases or steam. We manufacture elbows, vessel heads, fittings and specialised steel parts with the utmost care to ensure they comply with the strictest safety requirements. And because we’ve been doing that for over 100 years, our family-run company is one of the sought-after specialists in this area. Dependable, competent and focused on personal service.

Die Hans Körber GmbH ist ein inhaber- und familiengeführtes Unternehmen

Get the Right Turn

Our understanding of our mission is to stand by our customers and support them in making a success of their projects. We want our products to contribute to their being successful at every turn.

Always ready for another round

As a result of comprehensive training and good development possibilities, many of our employees are highly specialised and have outstanding qualifications and experience. Our pleasantly familiar working environment ensures a deep commitment to their work. Low fluctuation and high employee satisfaction speak for themselves – and form the best basis for sustainable customer relationships.