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KÖRBER Easter Mail – always reliable!


This year we will not celebrate Easter as usual. In Germany, too, people have to be prepared for strict contact restrictions during the holidays. We do not want to pretend as if nothing has changed. But we want to continue our Easter tradition and maintain it consciously. Therefore we are sending the golden Easter Egg to our business partners again this year and wish them all the best and a Happy Easter!

Especially in times like these, we believe that we need signals of solidarity, positive impulses and a clear message. Our message is:

We are there for you! And remain true to our values.

Reliability is one of them. Whether it is about our services or the continuity of the quality of all KÖRBER products: safety is our top priority. A symbol for this is the Golden Egg. This year it stands for our promise to ensure that the quality of our products remains safe and reliable even in difficult times. 
We have to adapt to global economic conditions, read just daily and make the right adjustments to keep things running smoothly. At the same time, we consider it our corporate responsibility to remain proactive and to spread a little optimism. 

A signal of encouragement

In this year's surprise egg you will therefore find a seed ball: a small, fine seed ball that can be planted even in places that are difficult to access. The contained seeds rest well protected until the right conditions for germination are reached.


Application is simple:

1. Find a sunny spot! Plant the seedball halfway into the soil.
2. Water it well.
3. Be patient for a little while and experience a blooming miracle!


What are seedballs?

Seedballs were invented by the Japanese Masanobu Fukuoka, the founder of 'natural agriculture'. With seedballs he cultivated especially dry areas where it very rarely rains. This brilliant invention was taken up by guerrilla gardeners in the 1970s to design inaccessible, dreary corners of New York according to their ideas. 

We think that right now  they are a wonderful metaphor: During a crisis it is vital to be proactive and to 'plant' new ideas. And who knows what opportunities the Corona crisis will ultimately offer us and what blooming wonders we will experience. Until then, we will continue to provide you with reliable support and do our best as an approved materials manufacturer according to ISO 9001:2015 + PED. You can find out more about our certification and standards here.

Would you like to let us know if our seed has blossomed at your place? We would appreciate a photo which we can fill our virtual flower meadow on this page with.