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Hartmut Gronemeier passes the baton


He is a salesman with heart and soul, his colleagues confirm. One who is fun for everyone, a buddy and a real sports fan. When in doubt, Hartmut Gronemeier himself goes to the production line to select goods so that an order is processed as quickly as possible. This is how we know our Sales Manager, who handed over the baton.

Hartmut Gronemeier is going into well-deserved retirement. And of course we are a little bit nostalgic about the fact that a familiar 'old hand', on whom we could rely on at any time, is leaving us. That is why we did not celebrate his departure in December, but used the occasion to say thank you: for everything he has done in and for our company.


Sales people with passion

In summer 2016, Hartmut Gronemier celebrated his 25th anniversary in our company. He has helped to shape the development of the KÖRBER brand, identifying himself fully with it and has consistently followed the path from a former craftsman's workshop to a globally recognised industrial company: in a spirit of partnership, flexibly and reliably. Just as he understands our brand message 'Get the Right Turn'.


An ambassador for our mission

"I have always seen us as problem solvers and understood the requirements of our customers as our mission", says Hartmut Gronemeier. "Get the Right Turn, for me this means: We have the knack and our customers can take us at our word. KÖRBER covers all requirements from the enquiry to on-time delivery in an all-round reliable service package. Today, we are a globally competitive industrial company that not only supplies elbows, boiler heads, fittings and custom-made steel products, but also stands for 100% safety in our products for installation in pipelines for conveying liquids, gases, steam and solids.


Worldwide standard achieved

Anyone who wants to operate successfully on the market today should no longer see himself as a manufacturer, but as a producer and service provider who acts and, above all, is capable of acting," he says and adds: "I am very pleased that I am now leaving a company that has developed this standard and is cooperating with market partners who meet the same standards of quality as KÖRBER.

We can promise our former colleague, who is also a family man in his private life, that we will nevertheless remain a family-run and flexible company. As a proud grandfather, he should now be able to devote a lot of time to his grandchild. Closely connected with the Hans-Reinhold Körber family, he will continue to follow our future development with interest. During his career at KÖRBER, he himself has experienced time and again that nothing is as constant as change. He will continue to find his way around and take on new, personal challenges. That is how we know him.