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Which Easter Bunny brings golden eggs?


To be honest, we do not believe in the Easter Bunny. However, as a traditional family-owned company we maintain traditions and a value culture. And we make promises that we can keep: ‘Your safety always comes first’ is just one of them. So whether our customers build multi-million power plants, are involved in shipbuilding or any other industrial plants: none of them can afford experiments. Or even play a guessing game! In order to ensure a reliable success for cost-intensive, economically and social-politically important projects, our business partners need tube products of the highest quality standard. This is exactly what we stand for and certify in black and white.

Your safety is a golden asset             

If we are able to surprise our customers with speed and service, we have fulfilled a substantial part of our corporate objectives. Our leading principal, however, is to provide a continuous production of standardized and custom-made products. This is ensured by our strict quality management. All production steps and productions of the Körber brand are quality tested and certified: from development and material procurement up to on time shipment to the customer. Your safety is a golden asset! For this reason we finish our products with special processes and valuable raw materials - efficiently and employing resources in a sparing manner. This way we set worldwide standards in the production of tube bends, boiler ends, fittings and special steel productions: flexible and sustainable.


Nest protection guaranteed: finished and certified  

Since our products play a decisive role concerning function and safety, we treat each one like a ‘golden egg‘ – from the concept phase up to the finish. Each one of them leaves the house only if all requirements of our quality management have been met. This is checked by our specialist in our own test laboratory. We assure our brand quality and guarantee optimal traceability and compliance with the valid European and international standards. Convince yourself and find out more about KÖRBER-quality.

The golden egg in the nest is a metaphor and brand promise at the same time. Because it is Easter time, we are sending Germany’s most popular Easter egg in the Körber outfit to our customers as a symbol of our commitment. If you have not received one yet, please send us an e-mail. We will be happy to send you one: quickly and directly as usual.

We wish all our customers a Happy Easter!